A Note from the Director – Fall Update

With the return of autumn and all the season brings, children, teachers, and parents are faced with a difficult transition back to school. But as the famous American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald states, “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

Youth programs, schools, and other organizations have all gone to extreme lengths to ensure programs operate efficiently and safely this fall. As a result of the global pandemic, we all had to rethink how we normally go about our daily lives. With that being said, I continue to be awed by the dedication I have witnessed from the New Circle mentors during these difficult times. After six months of strictly remote communication, New Circle Mentoring hosted an in-person (but socially distant) mentor meeting. The Counseling Service of Addison County, Safer Society’s partnering organization, provided a lovely outdoor area for the meeting. As we sat under the big canopy, we not only discussed the successes and challenges of mentoring during the COVID era, but also best practices for the mentoring program moving forward.

Finally being able to safely have these conversations with our mentors face-to-face has motivated us even more to continue working towards the goal of New Circle Mentoring; to help Vermont at-risk children overcome the unique obstacles in their paths to healthy adulthood. 

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