About this new Foundation website

A major objective of my first year as executive director is to reinvigorate the Safer Society Foundation as a fully functioning non-profit entity with a clear purpose of its own, apart from the purpose of the Safer Society Press.

In the tradition established by Fay Honey Knopp and the spirit of the Foundation’s origins, our renewed mission is to provide free resources for the prevention of violence and sexual abuse and the counseling and emotional support of victims of criminal behavior. In order to provide these resources, the Foundation draws upon the expertise of our authors, advisors, and professional organization partners to develop them and the editing and production apparatus of the Safer Society Press to produce them.

This new Foundation website offers:

  • Free downloadable resources and information on how to obtain multiple copies of print resources
  • A publicly accessible, searchable database of specialized treatment providers
  • Descriptions of resources currently and soon to be in development and information on how to contribute your time and expertise to our work
  • Updates on the status of our fundraising efforts and information on how to make a financial contribution

Of course, the mission of the Press will continue to be the publication and sale of professional books, workbooks, and training DVDs for the assessment and treatment of adult sexual abusers and juveniles with sexual behavior problems and similar resources for professionals in related fields, such as the treatment of juvenile justice-involved youths. The profits derived from Press sales will be dedicated to support Foundation projects.

I look forward to receiving your comments about our plans, hopes, and dreams for the rejuvenation of the Safer Society Foundation.

Mary Falcon
Executive Director
Safer Society Foundation, Inc.

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