ChIPs Mentors and Mentees visit the Middlebury College Museum of Art

On Wednesday, June 13th, the ChIPs mentors and mentees got together as a group for the very first time since the program began in January! This group mentoring activity was hosted at the Middlebury College Museum of Art. Jason Vrooman, the Curator of Education and Academic Programs, spent a generous amount of time coordinating with his staff to ensure that our group received the proper support for our event (which included art materials relevant to the exhibits).

The group also took advantage of the outdoor space on campus. The mentors and mentees were able to play a few games while burning off some additional energy. Dottie, the ChIPs Mentoring Program Clinical Director, had everyone participate in an activity that helped “break the ice.” Mentors and mentees learned each other’s names by tossing a sock around a circle. This activity sounds silly, but it was a wonderful way for this group to meet one another and form a bond.

The event was especially important to the Safer Society Foundation staff, as it allowed time for us to assess how our matches are doing and determine what additional supports can be provided to maintain a positive experience for all as the program moves forward.


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