Did You Know? – Incarcerated Women

Did you know that the female incarcerated population stands over six times higher than in 1980. Over (half 58%) of imprisoned women in state prisons have a child under the age of 18.

Children who experience parental incarceration suffer emotional trauma that can adversely effect them the rest of their lives — an important reason to become a mentor. New Circle Mentoring provides one-on-one mentoring services to Vermont children who experience parental absence. New Circle’s goal is to support these children academically, psychologically, and emotionally so they can overcome the obstacles on their paths to healthy adulthood.

Click here to learn more about becoming a mentor.

If you cannot commit to becoming a mentor, you can show your support by donating to Safer Society. We need your help to make our efforts go even further. Right now, there are dozens of at-risk children in the custody of the Central Vermont Department of Children and Families who need a stable mentoring relationship.

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