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In the past Safer Society has provided a free service for people seeking a treatment provider specializing in problem or illegal sexual behaviors. The public accessed this service by calling or faxing us, and we would supply a listing for the seeker’s state. When the economy took a big hit in 2008, we were forced to make personnel cutbacks, which resulted in our inability to keep the referral database up to date. We continued to offer the service but eventually the information in the database was just too far out-of-date and we reluctantly discontinued to provide referrals. But we always intended that this would be a temporary situation.

We are now working on adding an online service, one in which the treatment providers update their own listings, and which the public can access through the web. This effort is still in its infancy. You’ll notice the link for this Directory on the home page for the Foundation. If you click on it, you’ll find only test listings, but we don’t think it will be too long until we can make the system live. The first step after that will be notifying treatment providers, so they can populate the database with useful information.

When this new system is active, it will still be free. Free for people looking for providers, and free for providers to place a listing (although we will ask providers to consider making a donation to help us support this effort). Until then, we thank you for your patience.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

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We believe every month should be child abuse prevention month, but this designation is an important period for building awareness for this important issue.

If you’re looking for resources to help keep the children in your care safe, here are a few suggestions: