Mentees Attend Art Classes – Middlebury Studio School

Mentees Attend Art Classes – Middlebury Studio School

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ChIPs Mentoring & Circles of Support Program mentees can now attend art classes at the Middlebury Studio School thanks to the support of our partner, the Counseling Service of Addison County! With kids on summer break and the weather being as hot as it has been, it’s a perfect time to get creative indoors.

Middlebury Studio School offers art classes specifically for children such as Colored Pencil Art, Whirligigs & Thingamajigs, Fairies and Friends, and so many more! Middlebury Studio School is a great place for children to open up and express themselves.

“Our mission is to promote the creative process and community through art and craft education for of all ages and abilities.”   – Middlebury Studio School

Mentors have registered their mentees for multiple art classes already this summer. One mentee decided she wanted to take a workshop where she learned the process of making a clay bowl. While this mentee was clearly excited about finishing a bowl of her very own (and painting it her favorite color!), she expressed to her mentor how much she enjoyed meeting the other children attending the workshop.


Are you part of a business that can contribute summer or after-school activities for our mentees (or have a great idea that we should know about)? We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail information and suggestions to:

It’s not just at the border. The U.S. separates families all the time.

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“Every day, we lock parents up for decades in our prisons regardless of how it will affect their children, and no one bats an eye. Those who are demanding that children not be treated as collateral damage when it comes to immigration should be just as vocal when it comes to criminal sentencing.”


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