A Day at the Fair

A Day at the Fair

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On Tuesday, August 7th, mentors and mentees of New Circle Mentoring gathered at the Addison County Field Days. For a few participants (Safer Society staff included), it was a first-time experience at Vermont’s largest agricultural fair. For the group as a whole, it was a fun and enjoyable summer’s day!

Mentors and mentees spent the day wandering through the fairgrounds. This provided an opportunity to allow these mentoring relationships to grow while enjoying everything the fair had to offer: games, livestock events, rides, fair food, and fresh milk!

The staff of Safer Society Foundation is grateful for the generosity of the Addison County Field Days Board who donated the entrance tickets and to the Counseling Service of Addison County that supported this gathering by contributing funds for game and ride tickets.

“It fills my heart that our mentees will begin the school year with a wonderful memory of summer!” expressed Erika Linksey, the Program Director of New Circle Mentoring.

The Fight to Eliminate Cash Bail

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Our cash bail system is a big reason why the United States incarcerates more people than any other country on earth. If you can pay bail, you walk free. If not, you’re stuck behind bars—sometimes for months, or even years.

Bail reform is one of many reforms needed to make our country’s criminal justice system fair and equitable. Click here to view an ACLU-produced video featuring artist and activist John Legend. Or watch below: