Free Publications

Safer Society Foundation advocates for the practical support that needs to be provided to children of incarcerated parents. These publications have been developed to assist caretakers and helping professionals in their efforts to provide these children with emotional support and counseling.


ChIPs Storybooks

A series of illustrated storybooks that dramatically portray the experience of parental arrest and incarceration, for use in counseling and group therapy with children of incarcerated parents. Each of these short stories is told from the point of view of one child who has a particular family situation and challenge to overcome. Click here to learn more about the storybooks and download your copy!

ChIPs Bill of Rights

Losing a parent to incarceration is a life-changing event. All of us who work with children impacted by incarceration can use this Bill of Rights to guide policies and procedures that can help to mitigate some of the trauma and can help children develop the resilience to live positive, prosocial lives. Click here to view the Bill of Rights.

Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs

Ten categories of childhood trauma identified by Kaiser Permanente & the US CDC. *Experts agree that parental incarceration exacerbates the harmful effects of the other nine ACEs. Click here to view the Ten ACEs.

Also developed by Safer Society Foundation:


Taking Actions Booklets – Resources for Parents & Families of Children with Sexual Behavior Problems 

When a parent learns that his or her child has sexually abused another child, or is displaying a serious sexual behavior problem, the discovery causes uncertainty, confusion, pain and fear.

The issues faced by families of adolescents in trouble for their sexual behavior are very different from those faced by families of younger children with sexual behavior problems. That’s why Safer Society created the Taking Action booklets. One focuses specifically on the needs of families of adolescents, while the second is for families of younger children.

Click here to learn more and download your copy!