Kind Note From a Customer

We received this nice e-mail from one of our customers, who told us we could share it:

Last spring we ordered the Adolescent edition of ‘Taking Action’. You enclosed a note with your regret that the postage cost exceeded the purchase price of the book — and so included a complimentary copy of the Child edition. This thoughtfulness was a much-needed act of kindness during our family crisis. Please know that your gesture meant a lot to us and did not go un-noticed. Just as importantly, after dozens of hours of fruitless internet searching, your site was the only one we found with resources for parents of adolescent offenders. Thank you so much for providing help for lost and frightened parents like us.

Amy and Jim in PA

It makes us very pleased to receive feedback like this. Thank you, Amy and Jim. We hope we’ve helped you, at least a little, through this difficult period.

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