New Circle Mentoring Awarded Grant from VT Children’s Trust Foundation

Safer Society’s New Circle Mentoring program is pleased to have been awarded a three-year grant from the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation totaling $25,725! With this grant, New Circle Mentoring will continue its mission to support children in Vermont who have incarcerated parents or have been removed from their homes by social services and are in foster care. The program provides the constancy of a long-term mentoring relationship that helps these children academically, psychologically, and emotionally. New Circle mentors will continue to provide the guidance and support their mentees need to confidently overcome the obstacles on their paths to healthy adulthood.

The Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation promotes the well-being of children and families in Vermont by raising funds for community-based prevention programs. Ensuring that every child in Vermont has a fair chance at success is what drives their work. The money raised by the Foundation supports community-based prevention programs, a ground–up approach to making sure children are safe and secure; are making wise choices; are prepared to be good students; and are encouraged to feel good about themselves.   

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  1. Shanti Foundation is a nonprofit community-based organization, established and operated by sex trafficking survivors and HIV infected women’s transforming their grief and shame into courage and power so that other women and girls like them don’t have to go through the circumstances they had to.
    Each person in the world has equal human rights from birth. Shanti Foundation’s vision is a world free of stigma and discrimination where all HIV and AIDS infected/affected women, youth, and children will lead a life of quality and productivity with equality and freedom in society.
     Advocate for peace
     Respect and value human dignity and human rights
     Support the empowerment of trafficking survivors, HIV/AIDS infected/affected, vulnerable and high-risk people to self-determination
     Work toward a society free of violence, discrimination, and social exclusion
     The promotion of social justice, gender equality, and inclusion of all people
     Provide support and services to people living in hard-to-reach communities and districts

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