ChIPs Storybooks Donation to New Hour for Women and Children for Families

In the begining of December, we donated copies of the ChIPs Storybooks to New Hour for Women and Children, a non-profit that provides support for children and mothers during and after incarceration. They recently shared with us how these storybooks have impacted the children and families of their program in Long Island, NY.

Dear Safer Society staff,

We are deeply grateful for your organization’s support of your holiday gifts of ChIPs Storybooks for our New Hour children. The items donated were very much appreciated by our mothers and children visiting a loved one in Suffolk’s jails. We were moved by your empathy for our families. Often visiting a parent or loved one in jail can be overwhelming for anyone, but for a child it can be especially traumatic. Your donations were greatly appreciated by the children who left the visiting room with smiles as they left with a new book. 

Your support will continue to make a powerful difference in the lives of women and children who remain often voiceless on Long Island and we are deeply grateful. We look forward to working with you next year.


Serena Liguori

Executive Director

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