Becoming Who I Want to Be

Good Lives Workbooks for Young Men and Young Women

These workbooks, written using the Good Lives Model (GLM) of rehabilitation, are intended for use with young people (early adolescence into early adulthood) with problem behaviors in a wide range of areas. They can be used in both group and individual counseling modalities.

With significant input from professionals who work with troubled youths, the authors and Safer Society Press have created these workbooks to be fun and engaging for young clients whose adverse childhood experiences and problem behaviors have caused them to fall behind grade level in their reading skills and attention span.

Inside each workbook:

  • Full color illustrations
  • One chapter for each of the eight good life goals. Fourteen chapters in all.
  • Concepts expressed in simple language
  • Realistic case stories to drive those concepts home. Also available as free downloadable, author-read audio files.
Inside the young men’s edition.
Inside the young women’s edition.

Counselor’s Editions.

We have published guides to aid counselors using the Becoming Who I Want to Be workbooks. Each guide contains black and white reproductions of the pages from the workbooks with extensive author annotations explaining the purpose of the exercises and stories. The annotations also include suggestions for how to use the material in the workbooks to engage clients in conversations about the concepts and how they apply in the clients’ own lives. The introduction provides a brief primer on the good lives model as well as helpful information about how to use the workbooks effectively.

The Counselor’s Editions are landscape oriented with a wire binding on the left edge for easy flipping through the pages.

Inside the Counselor’s Edition of Becoming Who I Want to Be for young men.
Inside the Counselor’s Edition of Becoming Who I Want to Be for young women.