Safer Society Foundation receives grant from MENTOR Vermont

Safer Society Foundation recently received a $3,600 grant from MENTOR Vermont. The grant will help further the Safer Society Foundation’s mission to provide services and resources for preventative and restorative responses to sexual and social violence by enlarging the scope of the New Circle Mentoring program.

The program is specially designed to meet the needs of children who have at least one parent in prison or who have been removed from their homes and are now in the foster care system. For these at-risk children, whose lives are characterized by instability, fear, and turmoil, the New Circle Mentoring program provides the constancy of a five-year-long mentoring relationship, which can be a key factor in helping them overcome the obstacles on their paths to healthy adulthood.

The Vermont Mentoring Grants are designed to support new and existing youth mentoring programs in Vermont that match adult volunteers as mentors for youth mentees (ages 5-22) in long-term, one-to-one, quality-based mentoring relationships. The Vermont Mentoring Grants are made possible through support from the A.D. Henderson Foundation and the Vermont Department for Children and Families.

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