Thank you, Mentor Vermont!

New Circle Mentoring is pleased to announce a $4,000 grant award from Mentor Vermont. New Circle has received funding and program support from Mentor VT for the past four years.  “MENTOR Vermont’s mission is to provide resources and support to youth mentoring programs so they can meet the needs of young people in their communities.”

Mentor Vermont’s support has been integral to the success of the New Circle Mentoring program. Mentor Vermont used their resources to help fund our initial start-up and continues to offer support to the program through grants, technical support, and assistance with program management. 

“The Vermont Mentoring Grants have traditionally been made possible through support from the A.D. Henderson Foundation and the Vermont Department for Children and Families. This year’s grants also include funding from the Vermont Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund. With social distancing orders affecting the lives of young people and limiting their connections with caring adults, now is a critical time to maintain relationships between mentors and mentees. This year’s grants are prioritizing the work that mentoring organizations around the state are doing to continue to adapt to COVID-19 and safely provide services.”– Mentor VT

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