Too Many Cooks in the Glass Onion Restaurant Kitchen?

Earlier this month, Culinary Instructor Woody Danforth and the Glass Onion Restaurant at the Patricia Hannaford Career Center (PHCC) hosted the New Circle Mentoring group for a special cooking class. Mentees enjoyed partnering up and completing kitchen tasks such as weighing flour for a roux. Along with learning kitchen skills, mentees experienced the importance of teamwork and following directions.

The afternoon started with the rolling of dough for Chef Woody’s signature baked dinner rolls (which were a BIG hit with our group!). Mentees also helped Chef Woody marinate and grill chicken. For side dishes, mentees made their own mac and cheese and veggies. After preparing the meal, the group was rewarded with a lovely sit-down dinner. Everyone ate together, shared stories, and laughed about the accidental boil over in the big pot!

Mentees left the event with a gift bag filled with the ingredients to make their own mac & cheese at home!

Safer Society Foundation thanks Chef Woody and the PHCC for providing an evening where our group could be warm, busy, and nourished.

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