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ChIPs Storybooks

Safer Society Foundation presents a series of illustrated storybooks for counseling children of incarcerated parents (ChIPs).

Each of these short stories is told from the point of view of one child who has a particular family situation and challenge to overcome. At the end of the 12-page story, are two coloring pages for the child reader to write and illustrate his or her own story. In the back of the book, a note to the caregiver suggests ways to engage children in reading and talking about the story and helping them draw parallels to their own situations and challenges.

Let's Meet the Characters!


Jasmine is an eight-year-old girl whose mother is incarcerated in a federal prison far from where Jasmine and her two siblings now reside with their maternal grandmother. Because she was close to her mother, Jasmine struggles with not being able to visit her mother. She becomes engaged with a counselor who teaches her how to write letters to her mother and she learns that writing and receiving letters from her mother is a special way to stay connected with her. (For children ages 4 – 8)


The father of 11-year-old Kenny Junior, or KJ as everyone calls him, is serving a life sentence in prison. KJ always wanted to be just like his dad. Now he worries that he is going to make the same mistakes his dad made and end up in prison too. KJ struggles with his identity and self-esteem. With the help of his Big Brother, he learns that he is capable of making his own decisions and is worthy of determining his own outcome. (For children 8 – 12)


Six-year-old Bailey and her younger brother are living with a foster family while their mother is in prison. Bailey likes to visit her mom but is fearful about her release from prison. Life at home with her mother was very chaotic and at times scary. With the foster family she feels safe. Bailey works through her fears with a counselor as she prepares for her mother’s release from prison. (For children ages 7 - 10)

Each storybook is available as a free download in the Safer Society Press online bookstore. You can also purchase copies of the storybooks in bundles of ten.

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