New Circle Mentoring

Lifelong Difference in the life of a child

Children from homes shattered by parental absence often suffer emotional trauma that can adversely affect them the rest of their lives. New Circle Mentoring intercedes by creating mentoring matches for these youth that gives them the guidance of a caring adult. Mentors help mentees to build social connections and support their learning and extracurricular activities. All of which encourage resilience and emotional competence in mentees and therefore reducing the risk factors these youth face.

Launched in Addison County in 2017, New Circle Mentoring provides one-on-one mentoring services to Vermont children from primary school through high school who have been separated from one or more parent/or are in the foster care system. Mentors are carefully recruited, trained, and matched with mentees, and each match is supervised by a Clinical Director, a retired school counselor with decades of experience.


New Circle's goal is to support these children academically, psychologically, and emotionally so they can overcome the obstacles on their paths to healthy adulthood.

New Circle Mentoring proactively recruits volunteers through advertising and word of mouth, including experienced school counselors, teachers, health care professionals, & social workers and requires a minimum 3-year commitment.


Become a Mentor

Mentoring provides a unique opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. New Circle Mentoring is expanding and looking for individuals who are ready for this challenging, rewarding role.

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Your Gift Matters

While we are actively working to combat the effects of childhood trauma by helping to build mentee resilience, we need your help to make our efforts go even further. Right now there are dozens of at-risk children in the custody of the Central Vermont Department of Children and Families who are in need of a stable mentoring relationship.