An Innovative Approach to Mentoring High-Risk Children—A Safer Society Foundation Webinar

On September 26, 2018, Mary Falcon, Safer Society’s Executive Director, and Erika Linskey, Director of Safer Society’s New Circle Mentoring Program, presented a live one-hour webinar sponsored by the Global Institute of Forensic Research (GIFR).

Mary began the presentation by talking about chronic trauma and ten adverse childhood experiences—ranging from abuse and neglect and to parental violence and incarceration—that were the subjects of a years-long study by the Kaiser Foundation and the Federal Centers for Disease Control. She explained how adverse childhood experiences effect a child’s brain architecture and negatively impact upon a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Erika then talked about Safer Society’s trauma-informed New Circle Mentoring Program—which focuses on children of incarcerated parents—and how the innovative structure and approach of this program can be adapted for use with all high-risk children. Erika and Mary then fielded questions posed by the live audience.


Click here to view a video of the webinar.

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